Carry out studies for a year of high school or end the Secondary education in the United States is a very profitable investment in education. Maxime yes the objective of the student is to enter one of the best Universities in the world. High school studies in the United States Are an important step in preparing for college and adapting To the American way of life.

The students are not going to be alone, they will be integrated with a local family, Who will receive and accompany him during his daily life. Families of upper class, That provide security, quality of life and support the high academic and personal standards Of the hosted students.

Your Opportunity Is Here.

Responsibility for one or more academic years or school year in the United States is an experience that Brings a great maturity to the student who lives it, and gives a globalized cultural vision; Open your mind to new ideas and concepts, learn to integrate and develop in a realm of Diversity, while approaching the university.

In the US classes are more practical and the student's participation is greatly encouraged, As well as group work. There are two types of subjects, compulsory and optional. The curriculum of optional subjects is quite broad and the arts and sports stand out. The American school system is structured in 12 levels. Secondary education in the United States is divided into "Middle School" (First cycle) and "High School" (second cycle).


  • The United States is currently ranked number one in teaching and academic preparation.
  • High academic and professional level of teaching staff in U.S.A
  • In the USA there is a perfect administration and way of teaching academic education.
  • Broad cultural and social diversity.
  • Know the culture and take advantage of tourism.
  • Studying in the United States is certainly the best way to master English.
  • If you are an athlete there are a series of scholarships at your disposal.
  • It is a good opportunity to have friends from other countries.